Next, I’ll start wearing granny underpants

With all the ‘burning the candle on both ends’ going on, I’ve been kind of slacking when it comes to my appearance. I used to not leave the house unless my makeup was perfect and would never wear sweats to the store. Lately though, it’s been just too easy to go out in what I was wearing around the house. Makeup? Well, maybe I won’t run into anyone I know. How does my hair look? Well, I’ll just throw it up in a ponytail. It finally hit me like a brick when I started to notice that OTHER people were noticing…

You know when you’ve been slacking in your appearance when…

You run into a relative you haven’t seen since before your youngest was born and they comment on how cute she is and how she looks just like her DAD.

You’ve waited so long to color your hair that if you stand in just the right light, they look like shiny highlights.

The checkout guy that used to give you all the coupons so you don’t have to cut them out, starts conveniently “loosing” them.

The cashiers start asking if your four year old is your oldest daughter’s daughter.

The undercover employees looking for shoplifters start following you around.

Your husband who usually NEVER cares what you wear when you go out, starts asking.

Needless to say, I should be getting back to normal here soon since I should be done with my online version of my wedding magazine tomorrow and then will be down to doing the page layouts for print. Wish me luck!

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