Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites
After a very long day of being at the doctor,(yes, I ended up taking her) finding out that Emily has bronchitis and then waiting an hour for her medicine to be ready, I wanted to get home and find a favorite shop for my readers.
I was looking for something unique and fun. Something that you would really want to buy and love more than your first teddy bear.

Then I found this shop:

Little Leg

This quilts are to die for! I admit that I’m not really a “quilt” kind of person. I find the mismatched patterns too much, but when I saw these, I was in love. The patterns are just the right taste and go together beautifully.

I have to say it, THESE ARE DELICIOUS!!

I am sure that you could find a spot for any of these and they are so fun looking that you won’t be able to resist checking into getting one of these for your home.

This designer creates one-of-a-kind quilts which means nobody else will have your quilt-ever. She even has a blog at:

So, splurge today and visit her store and get you one!

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