From corn dogs to Hannah Montana

My weekends usually consist of errand running, house cleaning, photo sessions and then more house cleaning and errand running. This weekend, I decided to get everything done Friday so we could actually have some quality family time together since Jesse (husband) actually had a Saturday off from his second job.
We decided to go downtown to the Bix Fest to see what vendors were there this year and maybe get something to eat (since the hubby was buying!) I was surprised to see a DRASTIC cut in the vendors- I think there were a total of four compared to blocks and blocks of vendors in the previous years. I guess the economy had something to do with it, but luckily, the food vendors still came and people were generously shoveling out bucks to them even at the inflated prices that they charge for a hot dog or lemonade. I guess a hot dog just tastes different when bought at a festival or fair.
As we sucked down our smoothies, we walked through the festival and my littlest got a tom- tom drum from a vendor and I could kicked myself for not buying one of their Indian style bracelets. I love the artistic look of the knotted and weaved bracelets and I never seem to find just what I’m looking for at regular stores. Oh, and my son was there too-kept forgetting that I have a son since we barely see him outside his room. I asked him if he was having trouble walking since he actually have to use his legs.
We actually went to the library afterwards- if you knew our family, you would fall over if we told you we all went to the library. Together. As a family. That’s how busy our lives are.
My husband was good about it and even took Emily to the kids section while I checked something on the library’s computer.
Later, that evening, after a quick tour of the birth center for my daughter(Ok, I wasn’t able to totally get rid of all my errands!) we went out to eat at our favorite restaurant (Steak-n-Shake) I might be a bit biased about that place since I used to work there as a waitress when I was younger. We had a great time there, minus the complaining from my son about being out in public still and something about the bright lights hurting his eyes.
Then, we ended the evening at home, watching the Hanna Montana Concert in 3D- which ended up with me being the only one left watching it after everyone else (Emily included) left out of boredom. I even watched it twice. I was all like, this is cool! And, whoa-that hand almost came out and smacked me!
I know, I’m a dork.
So, it was nice to get to know my family again and at least the kids will have a couple of family “get together” stories to tell when they get older and this one can be titled, The Night Dorky Mom Went Crazy Over Hannah Montana.
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